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University of Maryland Dental School

Starshine started this conversation

See the link for information on services provided for adults that include fillings, dentures, root canals and more for general denistry for adults. Plus there is denistry for children too.

The University of MD Dental School offers patients a full range of high quality general, specialty, and emergency dental care.

 In the Pre-Doctoral Clinics, dental students provide services under the close supervision of experienced faculty dentists. The students conduct a thorough evaluation to diagnose each patient’s needs and develop a comprehensive treatment plan before beginning treatment.

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My name is Vondalee Moore I received services from the Dental school a couple years back, I was pleased with the care they gave me at the time. I've been trying to get back in the clinic for quite awhile now but I have no insurance and I need to have work done to correct some errors that were made to my teeth. I have a root canal done and they did a great job, beside the tooth that the work was done, I had a open faced gold crown and about 1 1/2 months later it came out and prior to that nothing was wrong with it, it was tight and secure. They also cleaned my teeth again nothing was wrong with my front teeth, during the cleaning I could feel pain from the instruments they used and after that my 2 front teeth begin to decay. Nothing was wrong with my front teeth. Since then it has begin to decay more and more, I now have a gap between them and they are rotting faster then ever now. I been trying to get back in to get my teeth fixed. I am so depressed because I never smile any more. Don't get me wrong they did a great job on the root canal but my front 2 teeth is damaged so bad it's embarrassing, every filling they put in has fallen out as well. So can some one please get back with me. I have emphysema and can not do a lot of standing and still may not get seen. Please contact me asap so that I can be reassessed to get this corrected. I can be reached at 443-750-9980, looking forward to hearing from some one.

V. Moore
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